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Fiber Optic Closure

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BS403A protects fiber optic splicing point in various installation conditions such as wires, manholes, ducts and direct buried. 
It is specially designed for FTTH network and applicable to multi branching installation by using Mid-plate which is for increasing core capacity and complying with the requirements in each point of network. 
The flat type gasket ensures reliable sealing performance by preventing air and water leak and the corn type sealing socket provides easy and reliable installation. 
This closure has high mechanical strength against any environmental conditions.
With BS403A, you can improve your network system to the higher level

- The closure has an air valve on its cover for checking air pressure drop. 
- The ribbed body has high mechanical strength against impact and compression.
- The closure has 2 inlet ports on each side and increase the number of port up to 12 ports by inserting Mid plate.
- The 24F splice tray is applicable for both loose tube and ribbon fiber management.
- The OSP cable clamping is done by tension member gripper for clamping cable’s central strength member and also by the sheath holder and adapter fitting each cable diameter for clamping cable sheath.
- The LAP ground connector and wire are offered for grounding metallic OSP cables.
- One flat type gasket and the external screw bolts provides excellent tightness reliability.
- Cone type sealing socket is adjustable to fit any diameter cable. 
- The closure can be installed in aerial and manhole with provided hangers.

Body (Top Cover)
- Ribbed cover for greater impact and compressive strength
- Air valve for air tightness test
- Hanger connecting part for easy installation

Mid Plate
- Multi-branching installation for FTTH network
- Separate maintenance on splicing and storage area on the Mid plate
- Increase the number of inlet ports up to 12 ports (6 on each end)

Sealing Material
- Flat type gasket for perfect air tightness
- Corn type sealing socket made of silicon for proven water tightness, fitting any cable diameter.
- Sealing socket is also designed for mid span branching by simple cutting. 

Cable Clamping
- Mechanical cable clamping
- Firm cable gripping by stacking the same size sheath holder adapter.
- Convenient installation and maintenance with the divided structure 

Splicing Part
- 4 inlet parts in the tray, available to meet the requirements for FTTH network
- Double layered storage (maximum 48 fibers by inserting two sleeves in one slit)
- Loose tube, ribbon fiber and mechanical splice are applicable

Tension member gripping
- Tension member gripping supporter connected by grounding bolt
- No interference with splice tray and cable routing and storage
- Separate T/M gripper is provided in case of using more Mid plate 

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Fiber Optic Closure

Fiber Optic Closure