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ELDORA-2124 L2 Ethernet and GPON switch

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  • Size440 * 45 * 240 mm
  • Weight4 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T
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[Iproad Inc]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information



• DAYOU Network’s ELDORA2124 is a versatile access switch designed for various network infrastructures.
• ELDORA2124 provides 24 10/1000Base-T Ethernet ports with uplink support, depends on Ethernet or GPON
• Each uplink supports G-PON (ONU), 1000Base-X, 1000Base-T and 100Base-Fx mode.



Network Management System (NMS)
ELDORA2124 supports SNMP v1/v2, MIB II, RMON MIB, and Bridge MIB for easy remote management.
High Performance
Non-blocking Switching Fabric Architecture provides stable performance capable of up to 12.8Gbps
switching capacity with packet forwarding rate of 9.5Mpps
Stable network services
ELDORA2124 is an Ethernet based switch providing optimum network environment for various network
services such as data, video, and voice.


Layer 2 switching

IEEE 802.1p : Packet Priority

IEEE 802.3ad : Link Aggregation

IEEE 802.1d : STP

IEEE802.1w : RSTP

IEEE 802.1q : VLAN ID/Trunking Storm Control processing function(port unit setup)

MAC Entry - 16K Entry



Classification : VLAN ID, 802.1p, SRC/DST IP, DSCP, TCP/UDP SRC/DST Port

Marking : 802.1p, DSCP

Scheduling : SPQ+(WRR or WFQ)




IGMP Snooping,IGMP Join/Leave Suppression

IGMP Fast Leave, IGMP Static Join



DHCO Relay

DHCP Option: Option 82, 77


DHCP Filtering function

NetBeui, NetBIOS, NBT, Vista LLTD


Mac flood guard function

ARP Spoofing blocking function

Max Host

MAC Filter



CLI / SNMP / port mirroring / remote software upgrade


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ELDORA_2124 L2 Ethernet and GPON switch